Sports Massage is a deeper form of Massage used specifically for treating chronic injuries or musculoskeletal problems, often, although not exclusively caused by sport and exercise. Sports Massage involves a range of techniques designed to aid soft tissue recovery, lengthen shortened or tight muscles and break down scar tissue. These techniques include deep Massage, Muscle Energy Technique (MET) and Soft Tissue Release (STR).

Who is it good for?

Sports Massage is good for anyone who has sustained a soft tissue injury and would like to receive some hands-on therapy to help it in its healing process. This form of Bodywork can be used to break down scar tissue left behind by previous injuries, and to lengthen short, tight muscles, thus improving range of motion and reducing pain.
Sports Massage is particularly good for people who train or exercise regularly as moderate to high levels of physical activity can cause minor tensions and muscle tears which can lead to muscle imbalances and future injury, or simply impede performance and limit training.
Regular Sports Massage can help prevent this because I, as the therapist am able to assess the condition of your muscles and discover areas where problems may just be beginning. Treating these areas regularly with Sports Massage can help to ensure that small problems are addressed before they develop into serious injuries.


What can you expect?

Sports Massage is done on a Massage couch. You will be asked to remove all clothing except your underwear, however, wearing a pair of shorts can be very helpful. You will be covered with towels throughout the session, except for the area of your body being treated.
The Massage is largely done using oils and you will be passive for most of the treatment and you can expect to receive some Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage as well as stretches which may be both passive and assisted by you.
You will also receive some Soft Tissue Release which, again will be both passive and with active involvement on your part. This client involvement helps to ensure that the Massage is focussed on exactly the right areas of soft tissue and that you are getting the most effective treatment possible.