Originating in ancient Thailand and having developed over centuries, Thai Yoga Massage is a form of therapy based on energy meridians (Sen Lines) believed to flow through the body, of which there are around 72,000. When energy channels become blocked, energy becomes stagnant within them and this can lead to dysfunction and disease. Thai Yoga Massage uses specific pressure points and stretching along these channels in order to help unblock any stagnant energy and keep the body in harmony and balance. The stretches used in Thai Yoga Massage are based on Indian Yoga postures and many postures are recognisable, for example, The Cobra and The Tree (lying down). Similarities can be drawn between Thai Yoga Massage and the Japanese treatment, Shiatsu.

Who is it good for?

Because Thai Yoga Massage can be performed as gently or as vigorously as needed, it is good for almost anybody. As well as balancing the energy flow in the body, Thai Yoga Massage also improves flexibility and helps to relieve pain and muscle tension. It is also very enjoyable and very different to most forms of Massage.

What can you expect?

A Thai Yoga Massage is performed fully clothed on a double duvet on the floor. It is ideal for you to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes. You will be passive throughout the session, allowing you to relax and experience the Massage fully.

A usual session lasts for ninety minutes and follows a set routine which encompasses the whole body.  You can however book a shorter session in which I will treat specific areas identified by you. The stretches are done within your personal comfortable range of movement, and although you will experience invigorating stretches you will not feel pain or discomfort. I aim to finish the session with you feeling both relaxed and energised, and a great deal more flexible. Many people report feeling inches taller after receiving a Thai Yoga Massage!